There’s a Difference

So Why Fairchild’s?

Our story really is who we are, and our product really is pure, delicious, start-to-finish Organic ACV. One taste will say it all – your taste buds will cheer the burst of flavor when you add Fairchild’s by Golden Valley Vinegar to your favorite dish, to your healthful salad or even to your refreshing, nutritious smoothie.

Many other ACV makers add water to their finished product. Fairchild’s by Golden Valley Vinegar is absolutely 100 percent full strength, with NO water added. That translates to 25 percent MORE pure ACV per bottle, allowing consumers to dilute – or not! – to individual taste. What’s more, our undiluted product is part of our sustainability program. A higher concentration of ACV means fewer steps in the process and ultimately less packaging, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

We bottle our finished product in our Fruitland, Idaho, plant and deliver it directly to our customers. Roger and Lupe are involved with every step in making Fairchild’s by Organic Valley Vinegar, and it’s their goal to make sure you get the very finest full-strength Organic ACV “with the Mother.”