The Fairchild’s Promise

“The undiluted truth. A family-owned business, Fairchild’s promises to always strive to produce the purest apple cider vinegar. Our only ingredient remains Washington State whole, fresh, organic, juice-grade apples. Nothing else, not even water. We will always treat our customers, employees, and partners fairly and with respect.”

~ Roger Fairchild, Founder and President

Our Story

In the early 1970s, young Roger worked alongside his Uncle L.C. Fairchild and learned the secret to making a truly unique organic, full-strength Apple Cider Vinegar.

Roger, Owner/President, and his close friend, Lupe Leos, General Manager, and a dedicated crew apply not only L.C.’s methods but also newer technological advancements to ensure every drop of Fairchild’s by Golden Valley Vinegar is the purest, most delicious and healthful ACV available.

Today, on a hilltop overlooking Fruitland, Idaho, Roger’s company, Golden Valley Vinegar, continues that family tradition.